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What's so special about these injuries?

The human body is NOT designed to tolerate the sudden, lateral forces that happen in motor vehicle accidents. 

What happens when those forces travel through the body?  Strains, sprains, muscle spasm, nerve stretch injuries, headaches, chronic tissues changes, and changes to the way your spine functions.  The long-term result is joint degeneration (arthritis), decreased ability to function properly, irritation to the nerves that control your body, and the issues that can haunt untreated patients for years to decades. 

Although modern vehicles have come far in reducing mortality with things like airbags and seatbelts, injuries occur in a large percentage of car accidents - even at low speed.  Many patient don't feel immediate symptoms; they may not appear for weeks or more after an accident. 

Even with no symptoms, it's best to have a spinal checkup after an accident to make sure there are no subtle injuries that will slowly degenerate your spinal system. 


Why Chiropractic and Massage?

Trauma centers are fantastic at the gross injuries that occur in major accidents, but the details and subtlety of many car accident injuries will often be overlooked. 

We focus on exactly what tissues have been damaged and give our patients the best standard of care - hands on treatment to assess, rehabilitate, and restore your spinal function. 

What if I need something more?

Motor vehicle accidents can obviously cause major bodily harm.  If we think you need a referral for x-ray or MRI, physical therapy, neurology, or anything else, we can do that. 

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