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What to Expect:

The First Visit

We'll go over the details of your symptoms (if any), the mechanism or injury, your health history, and do a comprehensive exam of the area - testing range of motion, soft tissue changes, and the function of your spine and/or extremities. 

If it appears necessary, we'll order imaging at either Essentia or St. Luke's.  If you've already had this done, please bring in the CD with your images or your radiology report. 



If there are no contraindications, it's common to do a trial adjustment on your first visit - to see how your body reacts. 

From there, we'll discuss the best way forward to resolve your injury, the needed frequency of care, and what we will do on future visits.  Every case is different. 

The most common type of treatment employed include:


  • Manual chiropractic spinal adjustment

  • Massage therapy - ranging from light to deep tissue as needed

  • Mechanical traction

  • Rehab techniques including active release, arthrostim, and gaston-style tissue work

  • Home exercises

What you won't find here are drugs or surgery.  We treat with a natural approach. 

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