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Frequently Asked Questions

Who pays for my care after I'm injured from a motor vehicle accident?

Here in MN, we are a "no-fault" state.  That just means that your own auto insurance covers the care received due to the accident - up to $20,000.  We all pay for this on our auto insurance ever month - labeled personal injury protection.  If you think you're case is different, click HERE to check out the payment flow chart.

My accident wasn't high-speed.  Should I be checked out anyway? 

A checkup never hurts.  I've seen patients with low-speed collisions suffer major injuries to their spine and those in high-speed accidents who were relatively unscathed.  Not every injury produces symptoms - right away or at all. 

What if I think I may be really hurt?

We deal with the residual and chronic injuries from accidents.  If you've just had your accident and you think you've had a concussion, fracture, or other major injury, go to the Emergency Department for evaluation and imaging.  If you're sitting on the side of the road right now, just call 911.

Will I get x-rays if I come in?

In many cases with recent trauma, we will order x-rays to evaluate not just for gross pathology (like fractures) but the functions changes and instability that can happen with some traumas (like whiplash).   Not every case warrants x-rays, but we will make a decision after reviewing your case history and examination findings.   We can order them at any clinic you prefer. 

How long will it take for me to recover?

There are MANY factors that play into that: age, fitness level, whether you smoke, if you are diabetic, how hard you were hit & from what angle, etc.   These types of injuries tend to be worse than the typical condition that we see.  It isn't atypical for care to last for months. 

My Auto Insurer gave me $500-$1000 after my accident to cover my injuries and said I could keep it if I didn't use it.  What should I do?

You should still come in for a checkup.  We'll let you know if there's nothing to worry about.   This is a tactic that a few auto insurers use to discourage injured parties from seeking care, but having those untreated injuries haunt you for years or decades isn't worth a few bucks now.  If you do need care, the insurer is still responsible to pay beyond that initial amount. 

Do I have to report the accident to my auto insurance company?

You always have the option to pay out of pocket yourself, but if you want someone else to pay for your care, it has to go to the correct party.  Your health insurance is not responsible to pay for an auto injury until your personal injury protection is exhausted. 

Have other questions?

Call us, and we can chat.  218-740-3227

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